Monday, November 12, 2007

Social Media Replacing Microsites in Marketing Mix

The growth of social media is causing marketers to realize they can’t expect consumers to always seek them out. Marketers are starting to seek out the consumers, marketers are starting to fish where the fish are. They are starting to do this by going to the source of most consumers. Social media sites such as MySpace, YouTube and Facebook also help users share content with friends. So last week, instead of a dedicated microsite, Coke’s Sprite introduced an online destination at the just-launched Facebook Ads.
In this facebook ads users can create your own characters, watch videos, and listen to music. This is a great way for marketers to connect with their customers and seek them out, not the other way around. For marketers this can be quite a challenging task to find their customers and where they are going online. Many other companies are following this new trend.

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