Sunday, November 11, 2007

Companies Going Green

Recently people have begun to realize the impact we and our corporations are having on the environment. Because of this many companies have begun to make their products environmentally friendly by making them more durable, and more energy efficient, and organic. Sales of environmentally friendly products have doubled in the last year to reach 10 billion. Now that company's have begun to realize the trend of consumers, more and more companies have begun to follow in the direction of Green. Wal-Mart for instance has become the largest consumer of organic cotton in the world in hopes of becoming the largest organic food and clothing retailer. I think that this is great for the environment, but think that the main reason why these companies are going green, is to earn more green. If they really cared about the environment why wouldn't they have recycling bins for paper and aluminum-trash in their stores? why would they print in-store brochures on fresh pulp non-recycled paper? and why would they run all of their semi trucks on diesel fuel? Their are many other companies who claim they are for the environment, but in the end for most it just comes down to cold hard profits.