Sunday, November 11, 2007

Mercedes Benz changes logo, adds sound logo

16 years has past since Mercedes Benz has changed it's logo, and so the German automaker decided that it was time to change the logo of it, which in my own humble opinion was a really nice logo. The old Mercedes Benz logo is of a three-dimensional tri-star logo in which now it has been changed into a flattened one-dimensional tri-star logo.

In addition to that, they also added a sound logo that will be added to all of its broadcast advertisements. The song is explained following the Mercedes Benz press release;
"The Mercedes-Benz sound logo is based on an original recording of an English boys choir from the 1990s. Sound engineers extracted a choir boy's solo vocal from the recording and adapted it for use in the sound logo."
The link for the sound logo is available here: . Honestly speaking, it's really spooky and reminds me of halloween. Well, check it out yourself and tell me what you think.