Monday, November 12, 2007

Bad Customer Service can get you Hammered!

"The Washington Post reports that a little old lady took a hammer to Comcast. Apparently fed up with the lousy service she received from a botched Comcast installation of "triple-play", and a completely humiliating experience at a customer service center, 75-year-old Mona "The Hammer" Shaw took her claw hammer back to the customer service center and bludgeoned the office equipment into tiny plastic pieces."

Now i can understand being fed up with customer service and not taking your "happy pills" that day, but come on; this is ridiculous. While I'm definitely not a fan of major telecom companies; should it really take a woman wielding a hammer in your office for you to realize that maybe you're not taking care of your customers properly?

Absolute power corrupts absolutely and such is the case with the big cable and telecom companies that have small monopolies in certain areas of the country where we don't have much choice other than to sign up for their services. Just because we may be customer # 17766262 doesn't mean we need to be treated as such. If only some of these companies would extend just a little more personal care then maybe we wouldn't mind spending $100.00 + every month on what has become our basic necessities. (cable, internet & phone) On second thought, maybe Mona's on to something.