Thursday, November 8, 2007

Subliminal Advertising

It seems marketing are all over the place today. We have advertisements everywhere from the normal billboards, advertisements on the televisions to even on the parking lot strip.

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With that being said, advertisements are soon creeping into the tv shows and movies as well. This include movies like:
Transformers (2007) - Originally a japanese cartoon series, the movie itself features several car models from General Motors. The movie was used as a publicity stunt to show it's new Chevrolet Camaro concept car

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The Orange County (OC) - Ford motor company and Lexus motors provided vehicles to the show in exchange of free publicity. It featured cars like the Lexus RX330 and SC430 while Ford provided a red hot Mustang GT driven my Mischa Barton (Marissa Cooper).

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It seems that the trend now would be to use subliminal advertising. Subliminal advertising does not outright advertise a brand name but rather cleverly incorporated into the movie or TV series. Automobile companies are especially capitalizing on this and with big automakers like Lexus, Ford and GM being in it, others are soon to follow suit as well