Monday, November 12, 2007

Marketing Trends: Green Marketing

As the cost of oil is nearing $100 a barrel, and as science continues to shout global warming more and more markers are taking the hint and going green. While it is still in the early stages we will continue to see more and more marketers turning to take companies green in order to capture consumers. Whether it be fore retailers, manufactured goods or even the food industry marketers are happy to point out whatever Earth friendly benefits they have to offer.

While it is true that use of the word “green” or “natural” has been largely unmanaged and often abused, it should be used as an expression of the provider’s commitment to a better environment and a healthier planet. It can also be measurable; for example, we can measure the impact of an electrical appliance which uses less electricity, paper products which are made of recycled paper, or the impact of using alternative fuels such as ethanol.

From a political perspective, the idea of green marking can be seen in nearly all of the Democratic nominees major points of discussion. Conserving oil and alternative energy is a unilateral political party platform agenda item for the upcoming U.S. presidential election (thanks to former U.S. Vice President Al Gore). All major candidates are eco-friendly at least in rhetoric. Meanwhile, our current president, George Bush, has pleaded with the American public to cut the use of gasoline in his last State of the Union Speech.

While politics place the topic on the table in front of nearly every American citizen, marketers need to make sure that consumers understand the benefits of green products, and maybe more importantly the downside to non-green products.

It is up to us marketers to help the consumer understand the benefits of leaving behind a carbon neutral footprint—cleaner air, less dependency on foreign suppliers of petroleum products, less waste to bury or burn, and a healthier environment for our children and their children.

The spoils earned by the providers who commit now to a greener earth will be the chance for increased sales and profits. The market is ready for this message. Go green or watch your business turn black and go up in smoke.