Monday, November 12, 2007

McDonalds Advertising: Fair or Bad Parenting

I just got done reading this article on McDonalds and how they spend over $2 billion each year on advertising and how the golden arches are more reconizable then the Christian Cross. Parents are very upset about the advertising because it mostly caters to childeren with all the happy meals and characters that McDonalds uses. They are so upset about this that they sued McDonalds over it. The parents claim that McDonalds is making thier kids fat. ARE YOU KIDDING ME!!! Its not McDonalds that is taking your kids to the drive thru everyday and its not McDonalds who lets your kids play video games and watch TV for many hours a day. These parents need to know that its not McDonalds advertising campiagn that is making thier kids fat, it is the parents that are making the kids fat. The parents need to stop giving their kids everything they want and start giving them the things the need like exercise.